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A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

August 17, 2008

Our milestone of 500 designs is rapidly approaching. Our most recent list update has us only 32 designs short of┬áthat goal, but we know already that one of our core contributors, James Pierson, is getting ready to release the 2008 edition of his “12 Days” collection in December. That means we only need to produce 20 additional designs between now and December 31.


Link Pages In Development

August 17, 2008

Work is still progressing on the link targets for each of the designs in our Master List. Back in 2005-2006, a side project to create a new BARCLONE website generated a lot of code that, unfortunately, could not be used on the current web host. It was not a total waste of programming time, however, as some of that work is finding its way into this new Link Page project. Hopefully the new calendar year will see this code deployed, and all of the plan files will be available for download through our Rocket Shoppe website.