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New Milepost About To Be Passed!

December 29, 2008

It was only about a month ago that we were talking about crossing the 500 model count milepost, and look where we are with two full days in 2008 remaining! The current count has jumped to 564, meaning we’re just 36 short of 600 models. There is a simple reason for this — I can’t count! At least 32 of these represent designs that were posted on YORF since 2005, in our infamous “Scrounged” threads, but which were not noticed when the Master List was first created. We have in the wings another 20 or so designs being finished up, so reaching 600 is not out of our reach. I feel like 2009 will be an incredible year for our design team, now that RockSim 9 is out. Our team has tremendous creativity, which has been proven over the last four years. Keep watching our “Designer’s Studio” thread for the latest releases.


New design for Dec. 28, 2008

December 28, 2008

This is the Regulus, a design originally started in 2005 with an older RockSim. Performance seems to be good on the B4 and B6 motors, but you’ll need two of them!

A new design with RockSim 9

December 25, 2008

Introducing the Larkspur, which has great simulation performance. This is one that will be prototyped and tested in the real world soon. Plans are available at Ye Olde Rocket Forum.



RockSim 9 Release is now available

December 24, 2008

We just received the links to the release version of RS9, and our core team has installed it on their computers. This is important to know, as the new designs we’ll be posting will require at least the demo version to be able to read. RS8 chokes on the new files, and this has to do with the pods feature introduced in RS9.

You knew it had to happen…

December 19, 2008

I know how to break things. I’m an expert at it. In the last 24 hours of doodling with RockSim 9 Beta, I’ve come up with two designs that show up some big bad issues of miscalculation in the new program. First, R9 does not know how to add lengths together when you start in the middle of the rocket, and add pods to create the front end. Second, R9 thinks a 3.2 oz rocket can reach 655′ on a single C6-5. Needless to say, a bug report is in order…

We’re using RockSIM V9 BETA now!

December 17, 2008

RockSIM 9 is awesome!

This is going to be a big asset to our design team, as it absolutely unleashes our ability to try new ideas out that were prohibited with RS8. The beta version still has some clutziness, but these are minor problems for the moment and can be worked around without too much difficulty.

Shown below is an example of what the new software can do:



Once all of our design team is using this version, you can rest assured we are going to try taking it to the limits of its capabilities!