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May 27, 2011

It’s been very quiet here in the design studio. Not completely dead, there’s always something happening; just not very much in the way of model design or building. Le Grande Fromage has instead been working on his Linux skills, installing Ubuntu on any machine he can find that isn’t already doing something important with Windows. There is one machine in the studio that runs Adobe Photoshop Elements and Corel Draw 12, a Windows Vista box that is operated remotely over the in-house network from a Windows 7 box. At present, this is the only reason (excuse?) for keeping Windows on either of these two machines.

What is brewing in the coffee pot is an effort to learn the Qt environment, and the tools available for creating software with it, namely Designer (for the GUI), and Creator (for the code). Qt is the library-du-jour for RockSim, so getting a better understanding of how it ticks is good practice.

The last build in the studio was the Night SHADOW design, and all it needs is glider trimming and finishing. There hasn’t been time to conduct flight tests yet, not that the weather has cooperated much. It’s been extremely dry and hot on the Gulf Coast this year. We are officially over 12″ below normal rainfall at this point. Not even a passing thunder-boomer has brought enough rain to amount to much. That leaves the flying field dangerously crisp and crunchy, and it’s not worth the risk to go out and attempt a launch yet. A couple of good, drenching rain days are a must.